Monday, May 2, 2011

His Holiness The Karmapa

Call to action: Be aware. Find happiness in every breath you take.

His Holiness joked around by saying that everything he wanted to say has already been said by the speakers before him. So, he went on to tell part of his life story.

He then acknowledged that development in the world is good. But, he said that we should also focus on the development of our hearts. He said that interpersonal connection should match the technological connection that is happening worldwide.

He mentioned the destruction of some Buddhist statues in Afghanistan and said we can look at destruction in the sense of the fall of the Berlin wall. Anything negative can be seen in a positive light.

He mentioned that when we are climbing a tree, we should be aware that we are not destroying the roots. He said that we already have the information to change, that this information should cause a change in our hearts towards action to effect the change. This should provide us with a sincere motivation for our future well-being. We should fully immerse ourselves into whatever we do to benefit the world.

He observes that we await big changes but we sometimes fail to notice the subtle changes. We look for how happiness should look like in the grand scale of things but we should know that happiness can be seen even in every breath we take. He expressed that we should be so grateful for all the talents that we can share, and that we should spread the positivity that comes from that everywhere in the world.

The Karmapa has a coffee table book with 180 sayings and high quality images, The Future Is Now: Timely Advice for Creating a Better World.

His story reminds of Avatar The Last Airbender. He was chosen as Karmapa and taken from his family at age 7 and his epic story continues to unfold.

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