Saturday, May 7, 2011

Lewis Pugh on Achieving Goals & Success

Call to action: Reassess and change as radically as necessary.

Lewis Pugh swam to the North Pole and then swam across a lake on Mt. Everest. Immediately after accomplishing task 1, he vowed to "never again" swim in freezing waters. He got inspired and tried to swim again in melted glacier water, but failed. He tried again and succeeded. He changed his mindset because he realized that:

1. If something worked before, it doesn't mean it will work all the time.
2. Peaceful forward movement could be more effective than speed and aggression.

This reminds of the pilot episode of Avatar The Last Airbender.

Sokka: "Fun?! You can't fight fire benders with fun!"
Anh: "You should try it sometime."

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